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Help: Filters & Analysis


The filters bar allows you to create tailored version of the news. Specifically:
  • Source:
  • Limits the articles you're seeing to a specific source, such as news
  • Must Mention A:
  • Limits the selection to only those articles that mention a specific type of topic. For instance, if you're on the asthma page and select "Drug" here, you will only see asthma articles that also mention a specific drug
  • In Context:
  • This limits articles to those which discuss your topic in a particular drug discovery context. For a list of available context tags, click here


You may often know who or what is most frequently associated with your topic of interest. It is possible to perform a quick analysis to identify these. Simply click on the "Insights ... Show Most Frequent".

The results look like the panel on the left, a ranked list of cooccurring topics. Click on any name to take you to articles that mention both topics.