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Help: Navigating SciBITES

The "Newsstream" Page

The image on the left shows the start of a typical news page in SciBITES. Here our user has decided to look at the newstream for 'asthma'. As described on our search help page, the suffix "(Tag)" indicates that they have taken advantage of our topic-level tags, rather than just a plain keyword search for the exact text 'asthma'. This means that in their newstream, they will see articles regardless of the synonym used.

First to note are the coloured bars, which correspond to: LiteratureNewsPatentsClinical Trials  and Grants. These side bars allow you to quickly scan the newsstream for different types of article.

Exploring An Article

By default you see the article's colour bar and its title. On the left of each title is a green 'tags' icon (). If you hover or click on this icon, the tag area will appear. This shows you all of the other topics that are discussed in this article. You can click on any of these tags to be taken to the news page for that topic, allowing you to quickly navigate related areas of interest.

If you click on the title, the article will expand further to show you the summary text. Finally, clicking on the link icon () will take you to a detailed page for that entry and further links to the original source.