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Help: How SciBITES Works

You’re working on a target, indication or drug and want to stay informed. But there are so many places you need to check: the literature, patents, grants, new clinical trials, on-line databases, internal documents and many more. You don’t have the time to go to every website, every day, just on the off chance there may be something new.

When you do search one of these sites, its painful to remember exactly how their particular search syntax works. And even worse, most sites wont bring you back documents unless you use the right synonym.. So documents that mention "CXCR4" won't be found when you use "Chemokine Receptor X4" as a search term. It all adds up to a pretty frustrating experience. Not to mention the concern that you're going to miss that vitial new publication.

The SciBITES system is different. We do all the searching so you don't have to! All you need to do is type in the name of your favourite topic and subscribe to its regular updates. Its as if the drugs, indications, companies, targets could tweet each time there was something interesting to say. Its Like Twitter® For Pharma ... you dial in the topic you care about and "follow" its new articles every day!

Behind The Scenes

The SciBITES engine uses an advanced web-scanning tool to monitor a vast range of different information sources on the web (see below). When we find an article that contains a topic of interest, we store a snippet of that in our database, along with a series of "tags" denoting the key topics we've found. These tags are added by us and are based on the actual topic, not the synonym used. So, an article on the gene CXCR4 would be tagged even if it mentioned one of its many different synonyms. This is the power of the SciBITES system, we track major drug discovery topics, regardless of the actual synonyms used.

Content Areas Covered

SciBITES covers a range of key biomedical research sources. We cover the last 2 years of Medline Abstracts, US, EU and WTO Patents from EPO, Clinical Trials from clinicaltrials.gov, NIH And UK GTR grants and news from across the web.