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Help: Migrating From Our Old (pre-2015) News Site

Greetings to those who have been with us for a while and have been using our old news site, thanks for checking out our latest and much improved version! You'll find the basic concept is the same, and hopefully brining you a faster and more flexible service.

Here are some common questions and answers:

Whats Changed?

Lots! The old system was powered by a creaking database which had a few limitations on export, searching and performance. Our new system uses a more modern and scalable technology which should hopefully help bring a faster more reliable service to our users.

Whats happened to my SciBite+ account?

We're migrating our user accounts into the new system. As we introduce new features we'll email our users to inform them of whats going on and how they can access various services. We're switching off SciBite+ functions in preparation for our new subscription model (see below).

Whats happened to feature x/y/z?

We made the decision to launch our new system sooner rather than later, to start to get our users onto the new platform. We're busy working away on the advanced analytic and data mining features from the old system and looking to bring a heap of new dashboards and queries to the system throughout the year. Please get in touch if you really would like to see a particular feature incorporated sooner rather than later!

How will I access premium features

We plan to offer three access models. The free version which allows anyone to subscribe to news, but doesnt allow API calls, downloads and advanced data mining. An online 'pro' version which enables these features for a very reasonable monthly subscription. And finally, an 'in house' version for those companies wanting a full version of the platform behind their firewall, perhaps connected to their own private content. More details on these plans will be announced in due course.