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Help: Searching

At the top right of every page is the ubiquitous search box allowing you to look for topics of interest. When you search SciBITES, the system will try to map your query to our topic tags.

If your query matches a topic tag exactly, you will be taken directly to the newstream page for that tag. You can prevent this by adding an asterisk. For instance, a search for cathepsin will take you to the entry for the protein group "Cathepsin". But you may have wanted to search for a specific member of this family. Adding an asterisk cathepsin* will now take you to a list of results, from which you can select as shown on the right.

From time to time you may see the following (here we searched for 'physician'):

The term "physician" is not one we currently index at the topic tag level, so we were unable to go directly to a newsstream. However, SciBITES will allow you to retrieve news on any text keyword or phrase, so just click on the "search article text..." link and you will see the news where your query term is mentioned.

Combined Topic Newsletters

Lets say we really care about the news regarding the protein PDE5A and the indication Pulmonary Hypertension. We can search individually for each term, but ideally we'd like a newsstream that covers articles mentioning both topics. This is easy to do!

We search for the phrase "PDE5A and Pulmonary Hypertension" , which results in the following:

Now, we just click on both of the checkboxes and select "Create Combined Topic Newsletter" and we're immediately taken to the newstream covering both topics together.