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  Todays breast cancer 1, early onset (Tag) Articles ...

Familial breast cancer: Genetic counseling over time, including patients´ expectations and initiators considering the Angelina Jolie effect.
Medline, PloS one [12] e0177893, 27-May-2017
Co-Occurrence of COMT and BRCA1/2 Variants in a Population.
Medline, The New England journal of medicine [376] 2090-2091, 27-May-2017
Role for RIF1-interacting partner DDX1 in BLM recruitment to DNA double-strand breaks.
Medline, DNA repair [55] 47-63, 27-May-2017
The Cancer Worry Scale Revised for Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling.
Medline, Cancer nursing, 27-May-2017
Androgen receptor inhibitor-induced "BRCAness" and PARP inhibition are synthetically lethal for castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Medline, Science signaling [10], 27-May-2017
PARP Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer.
Medline, Current treatment options in oncology [18] 37, 27-May-2017
Universal BRCA1/BRCA2 Testing for Ovarian Cancer Patients is Welcomed, but with Care: How Women and Staff Contextualize Experiences of Expanded Access.
Medline, Journal of genetic counseling, 27-May-2017
Germline and somatic mutations in homologous recombination genes among Chinese ovarian cancer patients detected using next-generation sequencing.
Medline, Journal of gynecologic oncology [28] e39, 27-May-2017
Evaluation of the Clinical Performance of Optimized Angiomammography and Comparison With Standard Angiomammography
ClinicalTrials.gov, , 27-May-2017
Homologous Recombination Inquiry Through Ovarian Malignancy Investigations
ClinicalTrials.gov, , 27-May-2017
Multicentric Single Arm Phase II Clinical Trial, to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of the Combination of Olaparib and PLD for Platinum Resistant Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma, and Fallopian Tube Cancer Patients.
ClinicalTrials.gov, , 27-May-2017
Differential Comparison of the Breast Tumor Microenvironment Between Luminal A and Triple Negative Breast Cancer With and Without Radiation Treatment
ClinicalTrials.gov, , 27-May-2017
Preliminary study: Co-occurrence of COMT and BRCA 1/2 variants may reduce breast cancer incidence
http://www.news-medical.net, , 26-May-2017
BRCA 1/2, COMT Variant Co-Occurrence Associated With Cancer Resistance
http://feeds.genomeweb.com, , 25-May-2017

  This Weeks breast cancer 1, early onset (Tag) Articles ...

A multi-gene panel study in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Colombia.
Medline, Familial cancer, 23-May-2017
Comprehensive detection of germline variants by MSK-IMPACT, a clinical diagnostic platform for solid tumor molecular oncology and concurrent cancer predisposition testing.
Medline, BMC medical genomics [10] 33, 22-May-2017
Biological and clinical evidence for somatic mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 as predictive markers for olaparib response in high-grade serous ovarian cancers in the maintenance setting.
Medline, Oncotarget, 21-May-2017
Validation of the German version of the Mediterranean Diet Adherence Screener (MEDAS) questionnaire.
Medline, BMC cancer [17] 341, 21-May-2017
RNF8- and Ube2S-Dependent Ubiquitin Lysine 11-Linkage Modification in Response to DNA Damage.
Medline, Molecular cell [66] 458-472.e5, 21-May-2017
Drugging the Cancers Addicted to DNA Repair.
Medline, Journal of the National Cancer Institute [109], 20-May-2017
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