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  Todays Biosimilar (Tag) Articles ...

Boehringer Ingelheim starts clinical study on interchangeability between its adalimumab biosimilar candidate and U.S.-formulated Humira®
http://www.prnewswire.com, , 27-Jul-2017
Biosimilars: Imitation Games.
Medline, ACS medicinal chemistry letters [8] 690-693, 27-Jul-2017
Patient access to reimbursed biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs in the European region.
Medline, Journal of market access & health policy [5] 1345580, 27-Jul-2017
Supply-side and demand-side policies for biosimilars: an overview in 10 European member states.
Medline, Journal of market access & health policy [5] 1307315, 27-Jul-2017
Challenges of modern day transition care in inflammatory bowel disease: From inflammatory bowel disease to biosimilars.
Medline, World journal of gastroenterology [23] 4473-4479, 27-Jul-2017
Pfizer Doesn't Want To Be Left In the Dust Of Avastin Biosimilar
https://seekingalpha.com, , 26-Jul-2017
Pfizer announces positive top-line results from the comparative REFLECTIONS B7391003 study for PF-06439535, a potential biosimilar to Avastin® (bevacizumab)
http://www.worldpharmanews.com, , 26-Jul-2017
Pfizer announced positive results from the comparative study for PF-06439535, a potential biosimilar to Avastin
http://www.biosimilarnews.com, , 26-Jul-2017
MAP Study (Methotrexate and Adalimumab in Psoriasis): Adalimumab vs. Combination Adalimumab and Methotrexate in Psoriasis: Efficacy and Anti-Adalimumab Antibody Formation
ClinicalTrials.gov, , 26-Jul-2017
Samsung Leaps Into Its First U.S. Biosimilars Battle
https://seekingalpha.com, , 25-Jul-2017
Merck announces launch of Renflexis (Remicade biosimilar) in the United States
http://www.biosimilarnews.com, , 25-Jul-2017
World Biosimilar Congress Europe 2017
http://www.biosimilarnews.com, , 25-Jul-2017

  This Weeks Biosimilar (Tag) Articles ...

Merck & Co launches Remicade biosimilar in US, undercutting rivals
http://www.pmlive.com, , 25-Jul-2017
Recommendations for Systematic Statistical Computation of Immunogenicity Cut Points.
Medline, The AAPS journal, 25-Jul-2017
Molecular and functional analysis of monoclonal antibodies in support of biologics development.
Medline, Protein & cell, 25-Jul-2017
Targeting a $5B brand, Samsung and Merck launch Remicade biosim at 35% discount
http://www.fiercepharma.com, , 24-Jul-2017
Daiichi Sankyo discontinues etanercept biosimilar development in Japan
http://www.biosimilarnews.com, , 24-Jul-2017
Merck receives tentative approval for LUSDUNA Nexvue (insulin glargine injection) from FDA
http://www.biosimilarnews.com, , 24-Jul-2017
A phase III, randomized, two-armed, double-blind, parallel, active controlled, and non-inferiority clinical trial to compare efficacy and safety of biosimilar adalimumab (CinnoRA®) to the reference product (Humira®) in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis.
Medline, Arthritis research & therapy [19] 168, 23-Jul-2017
Biosimilars in Oncology in the United States: A Review.
Medline, JAMA oncology, 22-Jul-2017
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