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MEK Inhibitors in the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma and Solid Tumors.
Medline, American journal of clinical dermatology, 27-May-2017
Clinical Features of Nivolumab-Induced Thyroiditis: A Case Series Study.
Medline, Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association, 27-May-2017
Drug target prediction by multi-view low rank embedding.
Medline, IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics, 27-May-2017
Use of botulinum toxin for voiding dysfunction.
Medline, Translational andrology and urology [6] 234-251, 27-May-2017
Effects of vilazodone on suicidal ideation and behavior in adults with major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder: post-hoc analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.
Medline, International clinical psychopharmacology, 27-May-2017
Recent Innovations in Peptide Based Targeted Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells.
Medline, Biomedicines [4], 27-May-2017
From Benchtop to Bedside: A Review of Oncolytic Virotherapy.
Medline, Biomedicines [4], 27-May-2017
Capitalizing on Cancer Specific Replication: Oncolytic Viruses as a Versatile Platform for the Enhancement of Cancer Immunotherapy Strategies.
Medline, Biomedicines [4], 27-May-2017
Clinical Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes.
Medline, Diabetes technology & therapeutics [19] S4-S11, 27-May-2017
Glycosylated Triterpenoids as Endosomal Escape Enhancers in Targeted Tumor Therapies.
Medline, Biomedicines [5], 27-May-2017
Do anti-malarials in Africa meet quality standards? The market penetration of non quality-assured artemisinin combination therapy in eight African countries.
Medline, Malaria journal [16] 204, 27-May-2017
AKT is critically involved in the antagonism of BRAF inhibitor sorafenib against dabrafenib in colorectal cancer cells harboring both wild-type and mutant (V600E) BRAF genes.
Medline, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 27-May-2017
Combination Drug Therapy of Pioglitazone and D-cycloserine Attenuates Chronic Orofacial Neuropathic Pain and Anxiety by Improving Mitochondrial Function Following Trigeminal Nerve Injury.
Medline, The Clinical journal of pain, 27-May-2017
Utility of genomic assessment of blood-derived circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in patients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma.
Medline, Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 27-May-2017
A survey of renal impairment pharmacokinetic studies for new oncology drug approvals in the USA from 2010 to early 2015: a focus on development strategies and future directions.
Medline, Anti-cancer drugs, 27-May-2017
Pediatric Psoriasis.
Medline, American journal of clinical dermatology, 27-May-2017
Nalmefene in Alcohol Use Disorder Subjects with Psychiatric Comorbidity: A Naturalistic Study.
Medline, Advances in therapy, 27-May-2017
Melanoma: tumor microenvironment and new treatments.
Medline, Anais brasileiros de dermatologia [92] 156-166, 27-May-2017
The Continued Promise and Many Disappointments of Oncolytic Virotherapy in Gastrointestinal Malignancies.
Medline, Biomedicines [5], 27-May-2017
Use of an oral phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor (apremilast) for the treatment of chronic, severe atopic dermatitis: a case report.
Medline, Dermatology online journal [23], 27-May-2017
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